Thursday, January 3, 2013

Lists for 2013

Since this is a blog of lists, that has been terribly neglected, I thought I would put up a couple of lists!

Craft projects finished in 2012

  • quilt for Lena
  • small doll quilt for Ila
  • quilt for Gracyn
  • quilt for Clayton
  • quilt for Terah
  • small doll quilt for Juliet
  • wall hanging for Jacob & Krista
  • wall hanging for Cathy's 50th
  • unicorn wall hanging for Kynlee
  • quilt for Abigail (with Jo)
  • tag blanky for Abigail
  • cape for Devani
  • cape for Leesa
  • cape for Kat (x2)

Craft projects for 2013

  • cover exercise book
  • send New Year's cards
  • Lion cape for Devani
  • cape for Ceffer
  • cape for Guicci
  • project wall
  • quilt for J (not my J)
  • small doll quilt for M (not my M)
  • quilt for T
  • small quilt for Z
  • small quilt for L
  • wall hanging for K (not my K)
  • tag blanky for R's bubs (x2)
  • polish rocks and zebra bowl/ball

Goals for 2013...
  • lose more body fat
  • ride bike enough to get where I can ride to the far end of the street and back
  • finish another 5+ pages on E
  • Complete application for Churchill Fellowship
  • finish sorting photos
  • scrapbook another 364 pages or more
Travel Plans for 2013
  • started the year in NSW
  • traveled to QLD (home)
  • In March will be travelling to Germany
  • In April will be travelling to Italy
  • In June... maybe travelling to Sweden??
  • In July will be travelling to Melbourne
  • In August... maybe travelling to Thailand??
  • In September will be travelling to Italy
  • In October will be travelling to Germany
  • In ??? travelling to Vanuatu???
Conferences for 2013
  • NLS6 in February
  • Information Online (one day only) in February
  • EAHIL Workshops in Sweden in June ???
  • IUHPE Conference in August ??

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