Thursday, November 13, 2008

Oh Crap

That wasn't actually what I first said... it was something along the lines of "bloody hell..."

I got an e-mail today, I get e-mails everyday, but every once in a while I get one that makes me say "bloody hell".

The problem(s)
"I need to update you on the current situation regarding your storage unit. We have just been advised by the contractor and city inspector that the storage unit is going to have to be moved, because the whole lot is going to be elevated by 1 to 2 feet. We thought we were going to be able to work around the unit but it turns out that we can't. They will need to have it moved, at the latest in 4 weeks. You have paid to March 1st. I don't know how you want to handle this. We have a fenced in area on Bluff Springs Rd. where all the RV's and boats will be moving to, during the construction period and where some of them will be staying. We are going to use both locations for storage. If you can have it moved, we have a place at the other facility about 3 miles away. Let me know what you want to do and how we can help. I am very sorry for the inconvenience. Awaiting your reply,"

We have had this storage container at this storage facility in Texas for almost 3.5 years now. WE have lived in Australia for over 5 years.

When I was there 1.5 years ago, we had 2 containers, and I went through both, shipped one containers worth here and got 1/2 of the other container emptied. However, there is still about a half a container full of our stuff there.

The only thing that is a big problem is that mom's piano is in there. I even have it on my 101 list to find it a new home. Looks like now is the time for that. (#59 find a home for Mom's piano) Oh, and that nobody will move containers that have things in them, and the fact that the stuff that is left is not even closely secure.

You may be thinking... people move containers all the time. What you may not realise is that they only move them full of stuff after THEY have packed them.

Also... the key to the lock... is here in Australia. (DOH!)

We had talked about having the rest of the stuff put into a regular storage facility and selling the last container, so now looks like it might be time for that too. However, we aren't there to do any of that.I actually was/am trying to organise part of our next trip there to include a week for me to finish going through my stuff. Luckily close to half the stuff in there is Brian's, not mine. (#36 - get the rest of my stuff out of storage)

The solution(s) - I hope!
I've sent out 15 e-mails. One to my mum's best friend, to see if her son-in-law would be interested in moving all the stuff that's left into a storage facility (we will pay him), he does a lot of odd jobs and I think he would be willing to do it.

Then I sent out the other 14 e-mails to everyone I know who still lives around there to see if they could ask around and find a home for the piano.

Once everything is out of the container, we will try to sell it. If we can't sell it before it needs to be moved, then we will try to sell it from where-ever it gets moved to.

I so didn't need this right now.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Check out my redbubble stuff!

Oh go here:

That is my photo site! Yes, my very own photo site! A dear artist friend of mine told me about this site, they allow you to have your own space to display your photography (and or art) and they take orders, print things, ship things and then send you 20% of the sales price!

I have 45 photos on there so far! So, be sure and mark that page as one of your favourites and go back often!

If you order something before midnight on October 30th, I get 40% commission and you can get free shipping! Enter "100000masterpieces" as the coupon code!

Oh, and if you know of a photo I don't have on there that you would like to see/buy, please let me know!


Saturday, October 25, 2008

39 things on my 101 list are now done!

The 39th thing that I finished from my 101 list was #100 - learn pottery techniques.
Today I went to a workshop that was advertised as how to make a pottery gargoyle. What we actually made was terra cotta faces, based on gargoyle ideas. It's not a proper gargoyle, as that would have taken too much clay and time.

It is an interesting face, and there is a hole in the mouth so if I wanted I could put a hose through it for the whole water spewing from the mouth effect

It started off kinda like this...
Then it was almost finished...It was still a bit 'flat' at this point, so we wadded up some newspaper to go underneath and bring it out a bit!
I don't think pottery is my 'thing'! Still, it was fun to try, and I'm glad I did it. They will be allowed to dry, then be kiln fired.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Time to look at my monthly list again!

Just over a week til the end of the month, and only a week left for me to finish things on my list...

I love traveling! It really doesn't help my list though!

Here are the carryover things left on my list, I started with 32!
  1. back up external hard drive
  2. write to JW
  3. call G about land
  4. determine amount of content insurance needed (started)
  5. sew skirt
  6. take a load of aluminum to recycle
  7. write letter about car rental (07)
  8. make powerpoint of trip around the world
  9. call R about M's VISA
  10. cash in Euros to savings account
  11. finish page 2 WT
  12. find glass shop in Darwin
  13. take scout stuff to C
  14. try on half the clothes in my closet
  15. finish page 1 E

On my monthly list I have the following left to do, or they will end up on next months carryover list... (I did finish another 64 that were on the list!)

  1. take photo of r for M
  2. go on walk with D in creek
  3. SAL part 4
  4. file nails
  5. make kitchen curtains
  6. clean desk
  7. transfer $ to savings on 30th
  8. write up conference notes for prac
  9. finish a wall hanging
  10. ck out N's web design site
  11. WT - 1/2 page 3
  12. call about pedicure
  13. call about shelves
  14. find pin for CNB card
  15. pay AVMA bill
  16. deposit $ from photo & show & exhibition
  17. put on calendar Dec 15 cooking class for K
  18. bike ride 3 more times
  19. book Spirit of Tasmania ferry
  20. contact M & E about Christmas
  21. ck bigpond usage
  22. call K about necklace
  23. transfer $ to pay for camera
  24. pay CPA
  25. fill out exhibition paperwork
  26. set date for library exhibition
  27. enter NG photo comp by 28th
  28. find brushes
  29. finish prac diary
  30. finish prac project
  31. finish assignment 3 in 303
  32. check out express publications
  33. print cow photo
  34. mount and mat cow photo
  35. deliver cow photo

Of those, ideally I will get at 25 done, so I only have 25 left for the carryover list... not sure that will happen this month! At least I know next month not to put too many things on my list, since I will be starting the summer semester, and writing a 50,000 word novel, and getting things ready for the members exhibition and and and!

This is when I set my priorities, and hope that I have them right!

first - my uni assignments #8, 29, 30, 31

next - paying bills and transferring money #7, 15,16, 23

then - things with deadlines #3, 13, 19, 20, 21, 25, 26, 27, 33, 34, 35

to just try to finish some... the easier ones #1, 4, 6, 10, 12, 22, 28, 32

Ok, off to work on my assignments!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

birds in my yard

I should make a list of all the birds that come into my yard... but last time I counted there were close to 50 different species that have been through!

Over the past week we have had a lot of red-winged parrots, red-collared lorikeets, rosellas, koels, bar-shouldered doves, straw-necked ibis, figbirds and at least three different honey eater species just to name a few...

It has also been cloudy lately... well, that's to be expected, it's the build up here. The wet season isnt expected for another month or longer, though we might get a rain here and there before then. In the meantime, we use the sprinklers to water our yard... no water restrictions here, there is plenty of water and we are encouraged to use it. That still seems weird to me!

Aren't they beautiful?!

Monday, October 20, 2008

I am inspired!

Besides one of my very good internet friends, whom I finally met in May for the first time, I have had several people inspire me in my artistic endeavours. So much so, that I think I need to make a new list of goals. Ok, maybe they aren't really new, but a bit more specific.

  1. Create (or have one created) a website where I can showcase/sell both my photography and quilted wall hangings. I might need 2 websites? Separate the two?
  2. Start submitting photos and articles to magazines/journals (today I found out a friend of mine has contacts...!)
  3. Organise another exhibition, considering a shared exhibition in October...
  4. Look up all the entry requirements for the Royal Shows, and enter at least one photo in each next year
  5. Remember to get publicity from the local paper when I win competitions
  6. Find a quilt competition to enter
  7. Find an artistic mentor
  8. Make time to meet other artists on a regular basis

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Things that are 'in progress' on my 101 list

I started my 101 in 1001 list on April 4th, 2008. I now have 36 of them completed! I have quite a few in progress or scheduled to happen in the near future! This is what they are...

  1. learn pottery techniques - I am signed up to learn how to make a gargoyle next Saturday!
  2. finish a HAED (heaven and earth design) this is a cross-stitch project that I started in June, it is on 22 count stitched with one strand over 1 and has 42 pages of pattern! I'm almost finished with page 2.
  3. finish my library qualifications - in 2 weeks I will have finished 2 more units with only one to go!
  4. learn hardanger techniques on a small sampler - I have the fabric, pattern and thread, now I just need to start!
  5. list my entire book collection - I have joined an online site to list my books, 1 shelf down...
  6. finish a blackwork design - I'm involved in a SAL (Stitch-a-long) that has 7 parts, 3 parts are finished! October is part 4, so we should be done by the end of January
  7. train to bike to the jump up and back, I am riding several times a month, but need to increase it to weekly or more...
  8. list my tea cup and saucer collection - I have a good photo of the collection, and some details written down, just need to finish
  9. determine financial status for 2008 - in progress, I need to set a date and get the figures as of a certain date, otherwise the figures change practically daily!
  10. read another Diana Gabaldon book - am reading "A breath of snow and ashes" on page 950/1438... I am reading 100+ pages a month now, so should be finished by the end of February or sooner!
  11. complete play it forward to A, I picked what I'm going to send her today! Will try to get it in the mail this week
  12. scrapbook another 100 pages, I am back going to crops each month, so have done 31 pages since I started this list... 69 to go!
  13. go through all my magazines, pass on as many as I can... I am now going through 10 a month, though I was thinking today I should put them all in one big stack, so maybe I would be more inclined to go through more of them!
  14. make new curtains for the kitchen windows - I bought the fabric last month, now I just need to do it!
  15. frame family photo from 2007, I found a frame last night that might work for that...
  16. get my pearls re-strung - I have contacted a friend who makes jewelry and has agreed to do this for me, I have them together, now I just need to coordinate with her to get it done!
  17. finish NaNoWriMo 2008, this starts November 1st, and ends November 30th, won't be long now!

Wow, I didn't realise I had that many either planned or in progress! Having this list has been really good for me.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The spare room has many names...

The spare room has many names, it is known as M's bedroom when she is home, it is my craft room the rest of the year, though lately it has been the cyclone room... because it looks like a cyclone struck!

The house is going to be sprayed for ants and checked for termites on Wednesday, so I realised this morning I better do something in there...

What I have done:
- I found all my beads and have put them together
  • I have the tiny seed beads that I use on my wall hangings
  • I have a very large bag of pony beads from when the kids were in scouts in America... I should give most of those away...
  • I have special beads that you can make holiday ornaments and such with
  • I have lots of odds and ends kind of beads that I am keeping
  • I have some beading kits

- I went through some of my photos to pick others that I want to scrapbook, I now have things ready for next Saturday's crop

- I pulled everything out of 3 of the 4 drawers and reorganised things

  • bottom drawer has paints (all kinds) and brushes, and other more art-ish things
  • next drawer has ribbons and the pony beads and kid art project kits
  • the next drawer I didn't do anything with, it has x-stitch kits and was already organised
  • top drawer has my extra x-stitch fabric, and sewing stuff

- I found all my buttons, they were in many many places, but now they are all together in an ice cream container

- I have put some fabric up, but I'm out of room in the large containers that I have, so all the extra is stacked on top of the bins... will have to do something about that!

- I decided which wall hangings I want to exhibit at the public library, and which ones I want to take to the members exhibition next month at Territory Craft

- I found the cute Aussie Christmas ornaments that I had left over and put them with the wall hangings to go to the members exhibition next month

- I put all my sewing threads together in another ice cream container... it doesn't really hold them all, so I need to find another option...

- I organised all my x-stitch patterns (in folders) and x-stitch magazines!

What else is there?

  • there are bags of stuffing stuff, both new and bits from wall hangings I have already made
  • there are still magazines I need to go through (I'm going through 10 a month)
  • there are still some scrapbook things out
  • there are some books
  • I haven't put away all the pins or needles that I have found recently
  • the fabric I bought to make kitchen curtains is stacked on top of the drawers
  • I have camera stuff in there
  • I have some books in there
  • I have at least 3 sacks of various sizes with fabric scraps (all smaller than a fat quarter)
  • there is a stack of travel sections from the Weekend Australian
  • there are the containers that have the threads, beads, buttons
  • all the stuff I normally take to scrapbook crops is in there
  • there is a bed, nightstand, table with my sewing machine, wardrobe, and a stackable set of plastic drawers, and I have under the bed kind of containers both under the bed and stacked against a wall (under the bed ones are full of photos and the others are full of fabric) and another small end table that is more or less in the middle of the room!
  • there is paperwork and letters and various other mail

I will need to spend more time in there tomorrow...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

a carryover list

Each month I make a new list, and each month I start it with items from the previous month that didn't get done. I call this my carryover list.

Sometimes I end up crossing things off this list, as they become less important than when they were first put on my list.

Sometimes they get carried over month after month after month. I can procrastinate with the best!

This month I was able to tick one of my long carried over items off finally! I transferred money from the US to here.

I started the month with 32 things on my carryover list, although I prefer to only have 25 or less (my exercise book has 25 lines per page).

I have finished 13 things from that list so far!

I actually draw a line between the items that have been carried over before and the newly added items to the list, so I was pleased to see that 4 of the items done had been carried over for over 3 months... (11 still on that list), only 4 things had been carried over 2 months (and I have done two of them!), then the remaining 14 were from last month (and 7 of those are now done).

Will they all get done this month? I seriously doubt it. Will they get done this year? Probably not.


These are things that do need to be done, but things I either don't really want to do, or don't have the time to do just yet (like backing up my external hard drive... I know this is important, but it is going to take 19 DVDs to back it up... or more by now, and I want to go through and delete some more stuff before I do that), and then there are some that logistically I will need assistance with (like taking the aluminum to be recycled - the huge bag is now too heavy for me to lift, so I need Justin or Brian to help me with it).

Do I expect to get anymore done this month?

Yes! I will get at least 3 more done from this list... hopefully more!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

short list, it's late!

Gee, I didn't realise it was 1am when I started on this, so I will have to keep it short!

I have joined in a pedometer challenge at work for 6 weeks, this is week 2.

My first week wasn't great...
8002 today

Actually, I guess the first week was better than I realised, and it's this week I have been slacking off!

I know from past experience, I need to get 14,000 steps a day to lose .5 kg a month. That takes approximately 1.25 hours of planned walking to get to that number.

Where am I going to find the time?!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

my 101 in 1001 list

Several people have wondered and asked about my 101 in 1001 list. It is a list of things I want to get done in 1001 days. I started on April 4, 2008 and will hopefully finish by December 31, 2010! That is 815 days from now!

Here is the list... (on my list the finished ones are highlighted, here you just have to look for ones with dates after them!)

1. enter a photograph in an international show 30/7/08
2. enter a quilt competition
3. enter a photograph in a Royal Show
4. make a new portfolio
5. put on my own exhibition of photographs 26/9/08
6. put on my own exhibition of quilted wall hangings 26/9/08
7. submit a photograph to a magazine for publication
8. put 5 items on e-bay or another selling website
9. scrapbook another 100 pages- in progress
10. learn to knit
11. finish a HAED – in progress (on page 2/42)
12. finish a blackstitch design – in progress
13. stitch a chatelaine design
14. carve a cat out of wood
15. learn to play the flute, be able to play at least one song
16. see the Millau Viaduct Bridge in person 11/5/08
17. climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower 20/5/08
18. hike in the Alps 16/5/08
19. see a real castle 3/5/08
20. submit a manuscript for publication
21. go bushwalking in Tassie
22. list my entire book collection – in progress
23. plant a garden
24. unpack the rest of the boxes from America
25. organize all my cross-stitch patterns – in progress
26. list all my possessions (if that doesn’t result in some decluttering, I don’t know what will!)
27. go through all my magazines, recycle as needed in progress
28. train to swim 200 metres without stopping
29. finish my library qualifications – in progress
30. organise my digital photos from pre 2000-2007
31. make a lino print bookmark
32. learn to make soap 13/7/08
33. make new curtains for the kitchen windows - in progress
34. make a mosaic something
35. learn hardanger techniques on a small sampler - in progress
36. get the rest of my stuff out of storage
37. learn screen printing techniques 9/7/08
38. go on a photographic birding expedition
39. make a weaving
40. train to run 2 km
41. train to bike to the jump up and back without stopping – in progress
42. sand and polish zebra rock plate & ball
43. list my cat collection
44. list my snow globe collection
45. list my tea cup and saucer collection – in progress
46. finish writing the song
47. enter something in the Katherine Prize 15/8/08
48. find a way to display the silver pieces I inherited
49. make a quilt with the linen/lace that my Great-Grandmother made
50. make Christmas ornaments for my cousins with GGM’s lace
51. make a quilted wall hanging with GGM’s quilt piece for myself
52. make a quilted wall hanging with GGM’s quilt piece for Kay
53. frame uni diploma done 19/4/08
54. sort my super stuff here done 22/4/08
55. determine financial status in 2008 – in progress
56. determine financial status in 2009
57. determine financial status in 2010
58. attempt to get the rest of my cat collection back from Tracy 25/5/08
59. find home for Mom’s piano
60. find a home for Mom’s tea cart
61. frame family photo from 2007
62. reorganise my closet
63. reorganise the desk (including drawers) in the bedroom
64. reorganise the bottom of my closet 6/4/08
65. declutter the clothes in my closet
66. watch all the Harry Potter movies in a row
67. retype my birthday list 6/7/08
68. retype my packing list 7/4/08
69. make a cat shaped wall hanging
70. try a new wine 19/9/08
71. try a new port 31/8/08 Sable
72. try a new tea 10/5/08 Vanilla Ceylon & Jasmine
73. try a new coffee 2/5/08 Highland coffee
74. try maultaschen (big raviolis) 8/5/08 Stuttgart football club
75. try sauerbraten 8/5/08
76. try new chocolates 15/5/08
77. update Art CV with other newspaper published photos
78. make a screen cover for Justin 8/4/08
79. make a keyboard cover for Justin 8/4/08
80. make a laptop cover for Kaite 11/4/08
81. make a laptop cover for me 4/10/08
82. make a cover for the printer
83. have Kaite show me the painting technique she learned in school w/bread ties!
84. finish small cross-stitch #1 – in progress
85. finish small cross-stitch #2
86. get a pedicure
87. submit a design for Katherine Prize logo 15/8/08
88. get a facial
89. make a bat shaped wall hanging
90. frame garden x-stitch
91. read another Diana Gabaldon book – in progress
92. learn a new card game
93. go for 2 weeks without any sugar
94. go for 1 week without any caffeine
95. machine quilt a wall hanging 2/7/08
96. get my jewelry appraised
97. get my pearls re-strung - in progress
98. list all our dvds and videos
99. save extra pay for travel or new camera – in progress
100. learn pottery techniques
101. start a new list!

and because I couldn't stop at 101... but will trade some of these for any above that don't get done here are a few more for the list :)

1. get a good jewelry cleaner done 18/4/08
2. frame H&S
3. frame Master’s diploma
4. mail wasp dish towel to Jan done 9/4/08
5. buy a block of land
6. NaNoWriMo 2008
7. NaNoWriMo 2009
8. NaNoWriMo 2010
9. finish other HAED in progress (one page 1/48)
10. organise my rocks
11. complete trip sampler
12. complete play it forward to Bek
13. complete play it forward to Alex
14. frame Aboriginal etching
15. re-organize storage room done 20/4/08
16. dye Easter eggs with Kaite
17. go to either Finke Dessert Race or Henley on Todd in Alice Springs 30/8/08
18. go to either Beer Can Regatta or Glenti in Darwin
19. go to Katherine Music Muster or Canoe Marathon

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The clock is ticking...

Time is running out, it's funny how we have the same number of hours in each day, yet some days are more productive than others. At work yesterday I wrote down everything I did and how much time it took to do stuff. I found that I wasn't as efficient with my time as I could be. Not really a surprise, but it was a wake up call!

The exhibition is Friday, 6pm. Once it opens, I only have to be there. Until then, there is still a lot to do.

In no particular order:

  • make business cards, at least 30, probably 50 would be better
  • make more photo cards to sell - need ~13 more
  • type catalogue, this is actually done, however I need to decide on a font and format
  • finish pricing the wall hangings
  • print catalogue
  • print CV - about 25 short ones and 4 or 5 long ones
  • sweep the room where the exhibit is
  • possibly iron some of the wall hangings before Friday, will see how they hang
  • afternoon tea with F, who is opening the exhibit - Wednesday
  • find Trevor's cards
  • check fabrics to see if I have any suitable to cover plints
  • take digital frame to exhibition - Friday
  • go grocery shopping so K can make nibblies for the exhibition
  • make cards to go up next to each item on exhibit (64)
  • print gum tree for exhibit
  • frame gum tree for exhibit
  • check wall hangings for signature stitching
  • make hangy things for last few wall hangings (4)
  • get Justin to cut 2 more dowel rods and insert cuphooks
  • measure two wall hangings for dimensions in catalogue
  • print spreadsheet for sales records
  • e-mail invites to the ASLANT group
  • send paper invite to Shep/Ms Read
  • call Sue about sneak peak
  • tell Julie about sneak peak
  • take bottle of Moscato to exhibition opening

So, that is more or less what I need to do by Friday at 6pm, plus work 5 hrs a day the next 3 days... I'm thinking I might need to take some flex time!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


September 26-28th is my first solo exhibition! It features my photography and quilted wall hangings. Located at the Katherine Artspace - the June Tapp room, the exhibition opens at 6pm on Friday September 26th, and will be open on Saturday and Sunday from 10am-3pm.

Here is a list of the quilted wall hangings I'm considering putting in the exhibit

1. Heartbeat of Gorge-ous, rip and stitch technique with over 175 strips of fabric, in addition to fibres, yarns, beads and shimmery leaves. 86 cm x 128 cm

2. The fish in my laundry room - applique and beading. Not for sale.

3. Cross-stitched hydrangea on display - cross-stitch and quilting. 16 cm x 16.5 cm

4. Sunflower, machine quilted with metallic yarn hand quilting around the border. 16 cm x 17 cm

5. Cats and more cats – hand quilted with beading. 44cm x 46 cm

6. Flowers galore – hand quilting with lots of beading 40cm x 40 cm

7. Grandmother’s apron - This one was made for an exhibition in June for World Environment Day! The idea is to make something from something either re-used or re-cycled. This bandana print apple was from material my mum had bought who knows when! The red was from the 1970's. 29 cm x 47 cm

8. Dragonfly windows – three separate windows, three colours, hand quilted with metallic yarns, and some with beads. Pink - 56 cm x 31 cm, Purple - 60 cm x 34 cm, Yellow - 59 cm x 32 cm

9. Daisy smile – and Daisies life is good. I put yellow beads in the center of the flowers. Hand quilted. Finished sizes are 31 cm x 25 cm

10. Cute kitties – perfect for a child’s room – hand quilted with beading. 31 cm x 45 cm

11. Cats in brown and marmalade – hand quilted with beading. 39 cm x 46 cm

12. Nine square with cats – hand quilted with beads 37 cm x 38 cm

13. Starburst... the center bit is beaded quite heavily and metallic yarns accent the borders 35 cm x 30 cm

14. Hummingbirds – this colourful wall hanging is hand quilted and beaded 29 cm x 27 cm

15. Frangipanis - This was made from a lino print I made and stamped onto a hand dyed fabric. I stitched around the flowers and put beads in the centers. 30 cm x 33 cm

16. Barnful of animals! I hand stitched around each animal, and put beads for the eyes. 38 cm x 24 cm

17. Spotted puppies – hand quilted with metallic yarn with beading

18. Australiana – kangaroo, hand quilted around the kangaroo with metallic yarn embellishments aorund the borders. 24cm x 24 cm

19. Flowers and ferns machine free hand quilted. 31 cm x 30 cm.

20. Suns and moon – one large and one small, hand quilted with metallic yarn 51 cm x 29 cm and 44 cm x 16 cm

21. Australiana - the flowers are all embroidered and hand stitching around the animals with metallic yarns between the borders 27 cm x 26 cm

22. Red, white and blue - Hand marbled fabric, hand quilted with accents of metallic yarn 43 cm x 30 cm

23. Prancing pony with hand quilting, metallic yarn accents, beading and bows 27 cm x 29 cm

Monday, September 15, 2008

Why lists?

Why do I have lists? I have lists so I don't forget things that I need to do, and to remind me to do things I don't necessarily want to do, and to encourage me to do things I'd like to do!

What lists do I have?
  • I have a 101 in 1001 list, that is 101 things that I want to do in 1001 days, I began this list on April 4, 2008 and hope to finish it on December 31, 2010.
  • I have a monthly list that has a calendar, a list of items that didn't get done the month before (a carryover list) and then the things I would like to get done that month.
  • I have a list of photos submitted to the ABC Weather
  • There is a list of books I have read and books I would like to read
  • I used to keep track of my steps, until my pedometer battery died in August
  • I have a list of the 94 colours of DMC I need for the two huge x-stitch projects I am working on
  • I have a list of things that need done around the house...
  • I have a list of things that need to be done at work
  • I have a list of x-stitch projects I am working on
  • I have a list of quilted wall hangings I am working on and ideas for more

Which is my favourite list? I love my 101 list, it was written with the intention of getting me out of my comfort zone and getting me to do more things I love... it's working!

What lists do I need/want to make?

  • On my 101 list is to make a list of some of my collections :)
  • I am thinking I need a new work list, to list short and long term goals in my work life.
  • I need to list the photos in my upcoming exhibition, for the catalogue

I used to type my lists, and occasionally I still do, but mostly I found that wastes paper and uses time that I should be using to do things on my list! That is why I now have monthly lists.

How and where do I keep my lists?

  • My 101 list is taped to the window in my office and I have a copy in my exercise book
  • My exercise book has all the rest of my lists written in it (except for the work list), I basically keep this with me where ever I go! I would be lost without it!
  • My work list is in my work diary

Does this make you want to make a list?!