Tuesday, October 21, 2008

birds in my yard

I should make a list of all the birds that come into my yard... but last time I counted there were close to 50 different species that have been through!

Over the past week we have had a lot of red-winged parrots, red-collared lorikeets, rosellas, koels, bar-shouldered doves, straw-necked ibis, figbirds and at least three different honey eater species just to name a few...

It has also been cloudy lately... well, that's to be expected, it's the build up here. The wet season isnt expected for another month or longer, though we might get a rain here and there before then. In the meantime, we use the sprinklers to water our yard... no water restrictions here, there is plenty of water and we are encouraged to use it. That still seems weird to me!

Aren't they beautiful?!

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