Saturday, October 18, 2008

The spare room has many names...

The spare room has many names, it is known as M's bedroom when she is home, it is my craft room the rest of the year, though lately it has been the cyclone room... because it looks like a cyclone struck!

The house is going to be sprayed for ants and checked for termites on Wednesday, so I realised this morning I better do something in there...

What I have done:
- I found all my beads and have put them together
  • I have the tiny seed beads that I use on my wall hangings
  • I have a very large bag of pony beads from when the kids were in scouts in America... I should give most of those away...
  • I have special beads that you can make holiday ornaments and such with
  • I have lots of odds and ends kind of beads that I am keeping
  • I have some beading kits

- I went through some of my photos to pick others that I want to scrapbook, I now have things ready for next Saturday's crop

- I pulled everything out of 3 of the 4 drawers and reorganised things

  • bottom drawer has paints (all kinds) and brushes, and other more art-ish things
  • next drawer has ribbons and the pony beads and kid art project kits
  • the next drawer I didn't do anything with, it has x-stitch kits and was already organised
  • top drawer has my extra x-stitch fabric, and sewing stuff

- I found all my buttons, they were in many many places, but now they are all together in an ice cream container

- I have put some fabric up, but I'm out of room in the large containers that I have, so all the extra is stacked on top of the bins... will have to do something about that!

- I decided which wall hangings I want to exhibit at the public library, and which ones I want to take to the members exhibition next month at Territory Craft

- I found the cute Aussie Christmas ornaments that I had left over and put them with the wall hangings to go to the members exhibition next month

- I put all my sewing threads together in another ice cream container... it doesn't really hold them all, so I need to find another option...

- I organised all my x-stitch patterns (in folders) and x-stitch magazines!

What else is there?

  • there are bags of stuffing stuff, both new and bits from wall hangings I have already made
  • there are still magazines I need to go through (I'm going through 10 a month)
  • there are still some scrapbook things out
  • there are some books
  • I haven't put away all the pins or needles that I have found recently
  • the fabric I bought to make kitchen curtains is stacked on top of the drawers
  • I have camera stuff in there
  • I have some books in there
  • I have at least 3 sacks of various sizes with fabric scraps (all smaller than a fat quarter)
  • there is a stack of travel sections from the Weekend Australian
  • there are the containers that have the threads, beads, buttons
  • all the stuff I normally take to scrapbook crops is in there
  • there is a bed, nightstand, table with my sewing machine, wardrobe, and a stackable set of plastic drawers, and I have under the bed kind of containers both under the bed and stacked against a wall (under the bed ones are full of photos and the others are full of fabric) and another small end table that is more or less in the middle of the room!
  • there is paperwork and letters and various other mail

I will need to spend more time in there tomorrow...

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