Saturday, October 25, 2008

39 things on my 101 list are now done!

The 39th thing that I finished from my 101 list was #100 - learn pottery techniques.
Today I went to a workshop that was advertised as how to make a pottery gargoyle. What we actually made was terra cotta faces, based on gargoyle ideas. It's not a proper gargoyle, as that would have taken too much clay and time.

It is an interesting face, and there is a hole in the mouth so if I wanted I could put a hose through it for the whole water spewing from the mouth effect

It started off kinda like this...
Then it was almost finished...It was still a bit 'flat' at this point, so we wadded up some newspaper to go underneath and bring it out a bit!
I don't think pottery is my 'thing'! Still, it was fun to try, and I'm glad I did it. They will be allowed to dry, then be kiln fired.

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