Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The clock is ticking...

Time is running out, it's funny how we have the same number of hours in each day, yet some days are more productive than others. At work yesterday I wrote down everything I did and how much time it took to do stuff. I found that I wasn't as efficient with my time as I could be. Not really a surprise, but it was a wake up call!

The exhibition is Friday, 6pm. Once it opens, I only have to be there. Until then, there is still a lot to do.

In no particular order:

  • make business cards, at least 30, probably 50 would be better
  • make more photo cards to sell - need ~13 more
  • type catalogue, this is actually done, however I need to decide on a font and format
  • finish pricing the wall hangings
  • print catalogue
  • print CV - about 25 short ones and 4 or 5 long ones
  • sweep the room where the exhibit is
  • possibly iron some of the wall hangings before Friday, will see how they hang
  • afternoon tea with F, who is opening the exhibit - Wednesday
  • find Trevor's cards
  • check fabrics to see if I have any suitable to cover plints
  • take digital frame to exhibition - Friday
  • go grocery shopping so K can make nibblies for the exhibition
  • make cards to go up next to each item on exhibit (64)
  • print gum tree for exhibit
  • frame gum tree for exhibit
  • check wall hangings for signature stitching
  • make hangy things for last few wall hangings (4)
  • get Justin to cut 2 more dowel rods and insert cuphooks
  • measure two wall hangings for dimensions in catalogue
  • print spreadsheet for sales records
  • e-mail invites to the ASLANT group
  • send paper invite to Shep/Ms Read
  • call Sue about sneak peak
  • tell Julie about sneak peak
  • take bottle of Moscato to exhibition opening

So, that is more or less what I need to do by Friday at 6pm, plus work 5 hrs a day the next 3 days... I'm thinking I might need to take some flex time!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


September 26-28th is my first solo exhibition! It features my photography and quilted wall hangings. Located at the Katherine Artspace - the June Tapp room, the exhibition opens at 6pm on Friday September 26th, and will be open on Saturday and Sunday from 10am-3pm.

Here is a list of the quilted wall hangings I'm considering putting in the exhibit

1. Heartbeat of Gorge-ous, rip and stitch technique with over 175 strips of fabric, in addition to fibres, yarns, beads and shimmery leaves. 86 cm x 128 cm

2. The fish in my laundry room - applique and beading. Not for sale.

3. Cross-stitched hydrangea on display - cross-stitch and quilting. 16 cm x 16.5 cm

4. Sunflower, machine quilted with metallic yarn hand quilting around the border. 16 cm x 17 cm

5. Cats and more cats – hand quilted with beading. 44cm x 46 cm

6. Flowers galore – hand quilting with lots of beading 40cm x 40 cm

7. Grandmother’s apron - This one was made for an exhibition in June for World Environment Day! The idea is to make something from something either re-used or re-cycled. This bandana print apple was from material my mum had bought who knows when! The red was from the 1970's. 29 cm x 47 cm

8. Dragonfly windows – three separate windows, three colours, hand quilted with metallic yarns, and some with beads. Pink - 56 cm x 31 cm, Purple - 60 cm x 34 cm, Yellow - 59 cm x 32 cm

9. Daisy smile – and Daisies life is good. I put yellow beads in the center of the flowers. Hand quilted. Finished sizes are 31 cm x 25 cm

10. Cute kitties – perfect for a child’s room – hand quilted with beading. 31 cm x 45 cm

11. Cats in brown and marmalade – hand quilted with beading. 39 cm x 46 cm

12. Nine square with cats – hand quilted with beads 37 cm x 38 cm

13. Starburst... the center bit is beaded quite heavily and metallic yarns accent the borders 35 cm x 30 cm

14. Hummingbirds – this colourful wall hanging is hand quilted and beaded 29 cm x 27 cm

15. Frangipanis - This was made from a lino print I made and stamped onto a hand dyed fabric. I stitched around the flowers and put beads in the centers. 30 cm x 33 cm

16. Barnful of animals! I hand stitched around each animal, and put beads for the eyes. 38 cm x 24 cm

17. Spotted puppies – hand quilted with metallic yarn with beading

18. Australiana – kangaroo, hand quilted around the kangaroo with metallic yarn embellishments aorund the borders. 24cm x 24 cm

19. Flowers and ferns machine free hand quilted. 31 cm x 30 cm.

20. Suns and moon – one large and one small, hand quilted with metallic yarn 51 cm x 29 cm and 44 cm x 16 cm

21. Australiana - the flowers are all embroidered and hand stitching around the animals with metallic yarns between the borders 27 cm x 26 cm

22. Red, white and blue - Hand marbled fabric, hand quilted with accents of metallic yarn 43 cm x 30 cm

23. Prancing pony with hand quilting, metallic yarn accents, beading and bows 27 cm x 29 cm

Monday, September 15, 2008

Why lists?

Why do I have lists? I have lists so I don't forget things that I need to do, and to remind me to do things I don't necessarily want to do, and to encourage me to do things I'd like to do!

What lists do I have?
  • I have a 101 in 1001 list, that is 101 things that I want to do in 1001 days, I began this list on April 4, 2008 and hope to finish it on December 31, 2010.
  • I have a monthly list that has a calendar, a list of items that didn't get done the month before (a carryover list) and then the things I would like to get done that month.
  • I have a list of photos submitted to the ABC Weather
  • There is a list of books I have read and books I would like to read
  • I used to keep track of my steps, until my pedometer battery died in August
  • I have a list of the 94 colours of DMC I need for the two huge x-stitch projects I am working on
  • I have a list of things that need done around the house...
  • I have a list of things that need to be done at work
  • I have a list of x-stitch projects I am working on
  • I have a list of quilted wall hangings I am working on and ideas for more

Which is my favourite list? I love my 101 list, it was written with the intention of getting me out of my comfort zone and getting me to do more things I love... it's working!

What lists do I need/want to make?

  • On my 101 list is to make a list of some of my collections :)
  • I am thinking I need a new work list, to list short and long term goals in my work life.
  • I need to list the photos in my upcoming exhibition, for the catalogue

I used to type my lists, and occasionally I still do, but mostly I found that wastes paper and uses time that I should be using to do things on my list! That is why I now have monthly lists.

How and where do I keep my lists?

  • My 101 list is taped to the window in my office and I have a copy in my exercise book
  • My exercise book has all the rest of my lists written in it (except for the work list), I basically keep this with me where ever I go! I would be lost without it!
  • My work list is in my work diary

Does this make you want to make a list?!