Tuesday, September 16, 2008


September 26-28th is my first solo exhibition! It features my photography and quilted wall hangings. Located at the Katherine Artspace - the June Tapp room, the exhibition opens at 6pm on Friday September 26th, and will be open on Saturday and Sunday from 10am-3pm.

Here is a list of the quilted wall hangings I'm considering putting in the exhibit

1. Heartbeat of Gorge-ous, rip and stitch technique with over 175 strips of fabric, in addition to fibres, yarns, beads and shimmery leaves. 86 cm x 128 cm

2. The fish in my laundry room - applique and beading. Not for sale.

3. Cross-stitched hydrangea on display - cross-stitch and quilting. 16 cm x 16.5 cm

4. Sunflower, machine quilted with metallic yarn hand quilting around the border. 16 cm x 17 cm

5. Cats and more cats – hand quilted with beading. 44cm x 46 cm

6. Flowers galore – hand quilting with lots of beading 40cm x 40 cm

7. Grandmother’s apron - This one was made for an exhibition in June for World Environment Day! The idea is to make something from something either re-used or re-cycled. This bandana print apple was from material my mum had bought who knows when! The red was from the 1970's. 29 cm x 47 cm

8. Dragonfly windows – three separate windows, three colours, hand quilted with metallic yarns, and some with beads. Pink - 56 cm x 31 cm, Purple - 60 cm x 34 cm, Yellow - 59 cm x 32 cm

9. Daisy smile – and Daisies life is good. I put yellow beads in the center of the flowers. Hand quilted. Finished sizes are 31 cm x 25 cm

10. Cute kitties – perfect for a child’s room – hand quilted with beading. 31 cm x 45 cm

11. Cats in brown and marmalade – hand quilted with beading. 39 cm x 46 cm

12. Nine square with cats – hand quilted with beads 37 cm x 38 cm

13. Starburst... the center bit is beaded quite heavily and metallic yarns accent the borders 35 cm x 30 cm

14. Hummingbirds – this colourful wall hanging is hand quilted and beaded 29 cm x 27 cm

15. Frangipanis - This was made from a lino print I made and stamped onto a hand dyed fabric. I stitched around the flowers and put beads in the centers. 30 cm x 33 cm

16. Barnful of animals! I hand stitched around each animal, and put beads for the eyes. 38 cm x 24 cm

17. Spotted puppies – hand quilted with metallic yarn with beading

18. Australiana – kangaroo, hand quilted around the kangaroo with metallic yarn embellishments aorund the borders. 24cm x 24 cm

19. Flowers and ferns machine free hand quilted. 31 cm x 30 cm.

20. Suns and moon – one large and one small, hand quilted with metallic yarn 51 cm x 29 cm and 44 cm x 16 cm

21. Australiana - the flowers are all embroidered and hand stitching around the animals with metallic yarns between the borders 27 cm x 26 cm

22. Red, white and blue - Hand marbled fabric, hand quilted with accents of metallic yarn 43 cm x 30 cm

23. Prancing pony with hand quilting, metallic yarn accents, beading and bows 27 cm x 29 cm

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