Thursday, October 16, 2008

a carryover list

Each month I make a new list, and each month I start it with items from the previous month that didn't get done. I call this my carryover list.

Sometimes I end up crossing things off this list, as they become less important than when they were first put on my list.

Sometimes they get carried over month after month after month. I can procrastinate with the best!

This month I was able to tick one of my long carried over items off finally! I transferred money from the US to here.

I started the month with 32 things on my carryover list, although I prefer to only have 25 or less (my exercise book has 25 lines per page).

I have finished 13 things from that list so far!

I actually draw a line between the items that have been carried over before and the newly added items to the list, so I was pleased to see that 4 of the items done had been carried over for over 3 months... (11 still on that list), only 4 things had been carried over 2 months (and I have done two of them!), then the remaining 14 were from last month (and 7 of those are now done).

Will they all get done this month? I seriously doubt it. Will they get done this year? Probably not.


These are things that do need to be done, but things I either don't really want to do, or don't have the time to do just yet (like backing up my external hard drive... I know this is important, but it is going to take 19 DVDs to back it up... or more by now, and I want to go through and delete some more stuff before I do that), and then there are some that logistically I will need assistance with (like taking the aluminum to be recycled - the huge bag is now too heavy for me to lift, so I need Justin or Brian to help me with it).

Do I expect to get anymore done this month?

Yes! I will get at least 3 more done from this list... hopefully more!

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