Sunday, October 19, 2008

Things that are 'in progress' on my 101 list

I started my 101 in 1001 list on April 4th, 2008. I now have 36 of them completed! I have quite a few in progress or scheduled to happen in the near future! This is what they are...

  1. learn pottery techniques - I am signed up to learn how to make a gargoyle next Saturday!
  2. finish a HAED (heaven and earth design) this is a cross-stitch project that I started in June, it is on 22 count stitched with one strand over 1 and has 42 pages of pattern! I'm almost finished with page 2.
  3. finish my library qualifications - in 2 weeks I will have finished 2 more units with only one to go!
  4. learn hardanger techniques on a small sampler - I have the fabric, pattern and thread, now I just need to start!
  5. list my entire book collection - I have joined an online site to list my books, 1 shelf down...
  6. finish a blackwork design - I'm involved in a SAL (Stitch-a-long) that has 7 parts, 3 parts are finished! October is part 4, so we should be done by the end of January
  7. train to bike to the jump up and back, I am riding several times a month, but need to increase it to weekly or more...
  8. list my tea cup and saucer collection - I have a good photo of the collection, and some details written down, just need to finish
  9. determine financial status for 2008 - in progress, I need to set a date and get the figures as of a certain date, otherwise the figures change practically daily!
  10. read another Diana Gabaldon book - am reading "A breath of snow and ashes" on page 950/1438... I am reading 100+ pages a month now, so should be finished by the end of February or sooner!
  11. complete play it forward to A, I picked what I'm going to send her today! Will try to get it in the mail this week
  12. scrapbook another 100 pages, I am back going to crops each month, so have done 31 pages since I started this list... 69 to go!
  13. go through all my magazines, pass on as many as I can... I am now going through 10 a month, though I was thinking today I should put them all in one big stack, so maybe I would be more inclined to go through more of them!
  14. make new curtains for the kitchen windows - I bought the fabric last month, now I just need to do it!
  15. frame family photo from 2007, I found a frame last night that might work for that...
  16. get my pearls re-strung - I have contacted a friend who makes jewelry and has agreed to do this for me, I have them together, now I just need to coordinate with her to get it done!
  17. finish NaNoWriMo 2008, this starts November 1st, and ends November 30th, won't be long now!

Wow, I didn't realise I had that many either planned or in progress! Having this list has been really good for me.

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