Sunday, October 5, 2008

my 101 in 1001 list

Several people have wondered and asked about my 101 in 1001 list. It is a list of things I want to get done in 1001 days. I started on April 4, 2008 and will hopefully finish by December 31, 2010! That is 815 days from now!

Here is the list... (on my list the finished ones are highlighted, here you just have to look for ones with dates after them!)

1. enter a photograph in an international show 30/7/08
2. enter a quilt competition
3. enter a photograph in a Royal Show
4. make a new portfolio
5. put on my own exhibition of photographs 26/9/08
6. put on my own exhibition of quilted wall hangings 26/9/08
7. submit a photograph to a magazine for publication
8. put 5 items on e-bay or another selling website
9. scrapbook another 100 pages- in progress
10. learn to knit
11. finish a HAED – in progress (on page 2/42)
12. finish a blackstitch design – in progress
13. stitch a chatelaine design
14. carve a cat out of wood
15. learn to play the flute, be able to play at least one song
16. see the Millau Viaduct Bridge in person 11/5/08
17. climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower 20/5/08
18. hike in the Alps 16/5/08
19. see a real castle 3/5/08
20. submit a manuscript for publication
21. go bushwalking in Tassie
22. list my entire book collection – in progress
23. plant a garden
24. unpack the rest of the boxes from America
25. organize all my cross-stitch patterns – in progress
26. list all my possessions (if that doesn’t result in some decluttering, I don’t know what will!)
27. go through all my magazines, recycle as needed in progress
28. train to swim 200 metres without stopping
29. finish my library qualifications – in progress
30. organise my digital photos from pre 2000-2007
31. make a lino print bookmark
32. learn to make soap 13/7/08
33. make new curtains for the kitchen windows - in progress
34. make a mosaic something
35. learn hardanger techniques on a small sampler - in progress
36. get the rest of my stuff out of storage
37. learn screen printing techniques 9/7/08
38. go on a photographic birding expedition
39. make a weaving
40. train to run 2 km
41. train to bike to the jump up and back without stopping – in progress
42. sand and polish zebra rock plate & ball
43. list my cat collection
44. list my snow globe collection
45. list my tea cup and saucer collection – in progress
46. finish writing the song
47. enter something in the Katherine Prize 15/8/08
48. find a way to display the silver pieces I inherited
49. make a quilt with the linen/lace that my Great-Grandmother made
50. make Christmas ornaments for my cousins with GGM’s lace
51. make a quilted wall hanging with GGM’s quilt piece for myself
52. make a quilted wall hanging with GGM’s quilt piece for Kay
53. frame uni diploma done 19/4/08
54. sort my super stuff here done 22/4/08
55. determine financial status in 2008 – in progress
56. determine financial status in 2009
57. determine financial status in 2010
58. attempt to get the rest of my cat collection back from Tracy 25/5/08
59. find home for Mom’s piano
60. find a home for Mom’s tea cart
61. frame family photo from 2007
62. reorganise my closet
63. reorganise the desk (including drawers) in the bedroom
64. reorganise the bottom of my closet 6/4/08
65. declutter the clothes in my closet
66. watch all the Harry Potter movies in a row
67. retype my birthday list 6/7/08
68. retype my packing list 7/4/08
69. make a cat shaped wall hanging
70. try a new wine 19/9/08
71. try a new port 31/8/08 Sable
72. try a new tea 10/5/08 Vanilla Ceylon & Jasmine
73. try a new coffee 2/5/08 Highland coffee
74. try maultaschen (big raviolis) 8/5/08 Stuttgart football club
75. try sauerbraten 8/5/08
76. try new chocolates 15/5/08
77. update Art CV with other newspaper published photos
78. make a screen cover for Justin 8/4/08
79. make a keyboard cover for Justin 8/4/08
80. make a laptop cover for Kaite 11/4/08
81. make a laptop cover for me 4/10/08
82. make a cover for the printer
83. have Kaite show me the painting technique she learned in school w/bread ties!
84. finish small cross-stitch #1 – in progress
85. finish small cross-stitch #2
86. get a pedicure
87. submit a design for Katherine Prize logo 15/8/08
88. get a facial
89. make a bat shaped wall hanging
90. frame garden x-stitch
91. read another Diana Gabaldon book – in progress
92. learn a new card game
93. go for 2 weeks without any sugar
94. go for 1 week without any caffeine
95. machine quilt a wall hanging 2/7/08
96. get my jewelry appraised
97. get my pearls re-strung - in progress
98. list all our dvds and videos
99. save extra pay for travel or new camera – in progress
100. learn pottery techniques
101. start a new list!

and because I couldn't stop at 101... but will trade some of these for any above that don't get done here are a few more for the list :)

1. get a good jewelry cleaner done 18/4/08
2. frame H&S
3. frame Master’s diploma
4. mail wasp dish towel to Jan done 9/4/08
5. buy a block of land
6. NaNoWriMo 2008
7. NaNoWriMo 2009
8. NaNoWriMo 2010
9. finish other HAED in progress (one page 1/48)
10. organise my rocks
11. complete trip sampler
12. complete play it forward to Bek
13. complete play it forward to Alex
14. frame Aboriginal etching
15. re-organize storage room done 20/4/08
16. dye Easter eggs with Kaite
17. go to either Finke Dessert Race or Henley on Todd in Alice Springs 30/8/08
18. go to either Beer Can Regatta or Glenti in Darwin
19. go to Katherine Music Muster or Canoe Marathon

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Kin said...

That's a great list!

Of course I have 101 things I have to do in the next 50 days.